Power Generation Forgings/Components

Power generating applications like marine turbines and pumps create some of the most demanding environments that forged metal parts can endure. Whether it is the high-load or high-speed turning of turbine generators system components, California Drop can find solutions to ensure that your marine turbines and pumps function properly.

Forged metals like titanium provide superior structural reliability over other metal working production processes like metal casting. Since the forging process eliminates internal gas pockets and voids that commonly occur in cast products, forged metal products and components display improved mechanical properties that in some cases provide stronger, safer products, improved performance, and longer service life.

With over 100 years of metal forging experience, California Drop Forge is out in front on the closed die forging process and metal finishing and treating techniques that producing these parts. We follow a precise, metal quality control system that insures you get the forged turbine components, pump housing and other marine application parts you need.

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Primary Metal Alloys Forged/Machined by California Drop Forge

  • Carbon & Micro-Alloy Steels
  • Customer-Specified Alloys
  • Nickel- Based Alloys (Inconel, Has-X, etc.)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Other Exotic Alloys

California Drop Forge Metal Forging Capabilities

Material Type Maximum Weight
Alloy Steel Up to 1,000 lbs.
Nickel Base Alloys Up to 300 lbs.
Stainless Steel Up to 800 lbs.
Titanium Up to 600 lbs.

California Drop Forge can produce forging parts and components up to 62″ in length by 33″ width by 12″ thick, depending on material type and configuration. For specifics on our metal forging abilities download California Drop Forge Forging Information.

Products and Components

Shown below is an overview of typical Power Generation products and components forged /machined by California Drop Forge:

  • Engine Components

  • Pump Components

  • Shafts

  • Turbine Components